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As a SAAB c900 enthusiast

My first Saab 900 is a convertible with ruby red, its unique driving experience and and the symbolic appearance made me get obsessed with it once I bought it at 2011. I started trying to know more about it, not only on the history and background, but also the mechanic aspects. Gained much knowledge by following the threads on the forums, reading the service manuals and seeking parts online. Hence, I started to repair the car by myself, begin from simple stuffs, like decor panels, spark plugs and then progress to mechanic and electronic stuffs. Also I shifted from sticking with original form to modification, since I discovered that some changes make such differences and delight to me. LPT to FPT, auto to manual, Sach to Bilstein B6, CU14 to Trionic 5.5 and etc. 

I really enjoy the feeling that the car evoluted after I did some changes on it. That why I began to develope own parts, not only because some parts are rare to find, but also the parts do not exsisted, I need to make own. For example, I converted my c900 soft top from original hydraulic system to electric actuators. You will find more other examples like this  when you browsing my webshop. So, that is the story I started to building my collections of own developed parts.  


I again bought another two C900 with different model type and fueling system few years ago, one is a hatchack model with Bosch LH2.2, the other is a sedan with LH2.4 and EZK system ( both are converted to Trionic 5.5). These different setting let me know furtherly about the variations over the models. In addition to my friends’ cars that I also converted to T5 for them.  Because converting to T5 is the most effective way to improve your stock C900, also will let you get familiar with the car and its system instantly.