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Saab900go Trionic 5.5 (T5) conversion kit for c900 – full kit



This Trionic 5 (T5) conversion kit was exclusively developed by us Saab900go, attempt to optimise the T5 conversion work. make it as simply as possible. But without sacrificing any of the fun brought by the T5 system.

We adopt the method of reading the crankshaft position signal from the crankshaft pulley(harmonic balancer), which save the works and costs of machining and replacing the flywheel. It requires to install(if A/C is not equipped) or replace our own developed A/C pulley instead, since it attached with a trigger wheel(reluctor wheel) which generating signal in association with Crankshaft Position Sensor. In addition, our solution of T5conversion also be able apply to cars equipped with automatic transmission without any extral works and compromise.

This kit also includes essential adapters, which developed by ourselve in order to mount the parts correctly and simply. In cooperated with our brand new T5 wiring harness that fully adopt the principle of original layout, every parts are just be able be connected in original and proper locations. In addition, we have successfully replicated some Saab connectors, which are considered as discontinued, that enables the installation job as simple as plug and play job.

With all the above exclusive features, it is definitely the most mature and cost-effective T5 conversion kit you can source.

This Kit in include the following parts

  • Saab900go Wiring Harness / Loom
  • Saab900go Crank Position Sensor installation  Kit
  • Saab900go Tuned ECU(good used) for C900
  • Adapter for T5 type fuel presure regulartor
  • Adapter for Throttle Position Sensor
  • NGK spark plugs BCPR7es-11 x 4
  • Rebuilt Fuel Injector x 4
  • OEM T5 Direct Ignition Cassette, made in Sweden by NKG (optional)
  • Brand new Autometic Idle Control valve (aftermarket)
  • Brand new Intake Air Temperature Sensor (aftermarket)
  • Brand new Coolant Temperature Sensor (aftermarket)
  • Brand new Throttle Position Sensor (aftermarket)
  • Brand new 3.0bar fuel pressure regulator (aftermarket)
  • Brand new lambda sensor(aftermarket, for Bosch LH2.2 and Lucas CU14 options)
  • Good used T7 Boost Pressure Controll valve(bpc)
  • Good used Map Sensor

Additional information

Select Model year

1985, 1986-1988, 1989-1993 with Bosch LH system, 1991-1993 with Lucas CU14 system

Direct ignition cassette

Yes, No

A/C equipped?

Yes, No

Add OBD2 connector?

Yes, No


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